Being wise about exercise

One thing that has been established beyond doubt is that working out and staying physically active is most essential in a person’s life if he or she intends to stay fit and healthy. Having said this, it is also important to state that people have to be wise about exercise.

What does being wise involve in the light of exercise? It only means that there are a number of parameters to keep in sight when planning out workout regimens, some of which are discussed below.

Exercise and age –

Exercises should ideally be planned out according to people’s age. The bones, muscles and nerves all tend to suffer as a person grows older. Straining the body with vigorous exercises at an advanced age can lead to irrevocable damages.

For instance, it would hardly do for a typical 70 year old to strenuously workout at the gym! Instead, walking in a park or going for a gentle swim might be a better idea.

Workouts and health condition –

When someone is considering a workout plan, it would be rational to take the current health condition into account. The Dos and Don’ts have to be kept in mind while drawing up the training schedule.

Say, someone has had a shoulder pull and has been advised not to lift heavy weights or jerk the shoulder hard. Then rigorous weight training perhaps is not suitable for him. He should probably opt for something like running and doing simple Pilates.

Exercise and perseverance –

Many people start their workout regimen with total enthusiasm and commitment. But several of them drop out within a few days. Why does this happen?

One reason could be over exertion. Too much exercise at a single go serves only to strain and injure the body and causes the individual to give up the training idea altogether. It is vital to increase workout duration and intensity slowly and steadily.

Another reason people stray from the path of exercise is that the activity they have chosen simply does not hold their interest. For example, say a person just does not care to jog around in a park. Then there is no point in her taking this up as part of her workout when there are other options she could enjoy. So, people should devote time and pick out exercises that would suit their tastes and individual personalities.


Ultimate goal of training –

The kind of exercises a person takes up and the time and intensity of workouts have to ideally match up with his or her ultimate fitness goal. If a person has to lose weight, then aerobics and weight training could do the trick. But if a person wants chiselled abs, he should probably take up Pilates and abs crunches.

Diet and exercise –

Folks would do well to remind themselves that exercise coupled with nutritious & healthful food can do them a world of good. Gorging on unhealthy food and then trying to compensate with exercises is likely to lead only to frustration and hampered results.

The inference is that people should consider various points before beginning or continuing their exercise schedules to maximize effectiveness.

Author Bio: Marguerite being a fitness enthusiast loves to blog on fitness and topics related to fitness. You can check out her latest post on How To Lose Belly Fat on her website.


Drop Fat With These Three Steps

Eating right isn’t hard. Well, it is not as hard as say running a marathon or building a self generating motor. For some people bad habits are going to be a pain to try and quit, but remember there are people who have been smoking for years and they quit that so if they can kick their cig addiction then you should be able to kick your crappy diet.


Yes I know, accountability is something we all hate.  Most of us, about 70 percent of the US population according to the American Heart Association, would much rather ignore our torpid bodies and deny any accountability for what we eat.  You don’t become healthy or fit by ignoring accountability.

In a study down among women with journals they had some write down what they ate and the others not.  As you probably would guess, the women who recorded what they were ingesting started to lose weight.  Basically just being aware of what you put into your body helps.  Start becoming accountable for what you eat.

What you do is a big factor too.  You aren’t going to drop weight by laying around, well, maybe you will if you starve yourself.  Lets go the healthy route and just do some physical activity. Get yourself a physically demanding activity. Become accountable for what you do.

Start Now

Why can’t we just ignore it and wait for it to go away.  We don’t lose weight by waiting for fat to leave, we don’t find better opportunities by waiting, we have to get out there and find them for ourselves and in some cases we have have to force better situations upon ourselves. 

Starting now means that at this very moment you are going to make a resolve.  Decide what it will be, will you take accountability and start moving down the path to fit ville?  Big decision I know.  But it shouldn’t be too hard, either yes you want to become fit or no.  Which is it.


Stay With It

Now if you are still reading this hopefully you have decided that you want to become fit.  If so then you are going to have to hold on to that resolve we just discovered.  This is the trick that has helped millions of people.  Remember that moment when you decided that you wanted to be fit. Hold that memory in your mind every time you have to deal with a tempting situation.


Guest Post: Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Foods

Written by: Elizabeth La H

As a parent we are responsible for teaching our children skills that will help them to grow and eventually go out on their own and make decisions by themselves. We teach our children to share with others, speak kindly and respectfully to adults and the difference between right and wrong morally. We also teach our children to add and subtract, spell words, read books and more. Parents are also responsible for teaching their children why and how to eat healthy for a lifetime.



Spa Steam Rooms and Saunas

Steam rooms and saunas can be very relaxing and therapeutic for the body and skin.

The moist heat opens up pores and allows toxins to exit the body while also loosening the lungs.

Many world class spas have these facilities available for their guests to use during their stay at the spa.

These types of services were designed in order to accommodate the guests’ relaxation desires and needs. (more…)


Asbestos Awareness Week


Safe Fun in the Sun

Summer is coming and before you know it you will be getting those dreaded sunburns. Make sure you are prepared everywhere you go with sunscreen in your purse.

It is especially a good idea to have sunscreen on hand when you have children. It is just too difficult to keep them out of the sun so apply the sunscreen and let them be.

Remember that it needs to be reapplied every 3-4 hours. If you are planning to spend all day at the pool then you may need to apply it more than once.

Many places provide shade next to pools now. Reserving cabanas are great ways to minimize the amount of time your skin sees the sun. If you are smart about it you can literally spend all day at the pool and come out with beautifully protected skin. (more…)


Guest Post: Health Benefits of Psyllium

Psyllium is a weed like herb that is largely found in India and France. The seeds of this weed-like herb are known for their immense health benefits. The following post throws more light on the health benefits of Psyllium.

Cure for Constipation

Psyllium seeds serve as a natural cure for constipation. These seeds expand when they are exposed to water; this in turn can soften stool in the colon. Psyllium helps in eliminating hard stools naturally. Doctors prescribe psyllium seed husk supplements to help relieve a host of health problems namely irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea and diverticular disease. In fact, psyllium is one of the most important ingredients in a number of laxatives that are sold over the counter. In its capacity as a bulk laxative, psyllium serves a dual purpose in the body – it removes the waste and restores the ideal volume of bacteria in the intestinal tract. (more…)


Guest Post: The Key to Pain and Pleasure in Weight Loss Success

Written by: Natasa Denman

Instant gratification, quick fix, magic bullet or a magic pill is the most sought after solution to any problem. We all hope that it exists, but deep down know that there really is no such thing. And if there is, it often leads to the path of doom.

There are two motivators in life and those are: pain and pleasure. There is a well- known fact that people will do more to avoid pain than to experience pleasure. But what happens when two pains or two pleasures appear next to each other. Which one will motivate you? Let me explain…



Guest Post: Italian Tomato Potato Soup 2 ways

Written by: Rachel McGuire

I like to give options in my recipes as you will see. Replacement ingredients for those that may not have that particular ingredient, or just don’t like to use it.  If you have any questions about my recipe, please don’t hesitate to contact me from my info at the bottom of this post.

Italian Tomato Potato soup 2 ways

  • Serves 4 (if not more)
  • Category recommendations: Main dish, Lunch, Brunch, Soup’s, Sides, Vegetarian, Meatless Monday’s
  • prep time: less than 45-60 minutes
  • (more…)


Exercising at Home

I went out and bought a pilates mat and an exercise ball because going to the gym isn’t always practical. Today’s world is too crazy to waste precious time traveling to the gym and back when I can get in a perfectly good workout at home.

I like to start by stretching first. Next I incorporate a few pilates moves like the pilates 100, corkscrew, single leg stretch, and the open leg rocker. (more…)



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